End-Of-Life Batteries As A Resource, Not A Waste


Sustainable process for recovery of critical materials from all types of lithium-ion batteries.

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The Pioneers World Of End-of-Life Batteries as a resource

~100K tonnes annually of lithium-ion batteries reaching the end of life in India by 2025

We recover critical materials from lithium-ion batteries and reintroduce them back into the supply chain.

We provide end-to-end services to meet the unique needs of our valued customers.


Recycling solutions for battery manufac­turers

We provide a unique service offering for battery manufac­turers across the battery production value chain.

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Our offering for battery recycling and second-life solutions

We are revolu­tion­ising the lithium-ion battery value chain for electric vehicle and indus­trial use batteries.

A solution for every stage of the battery life cycle

As an energy and circular economy company, we offer advanced expertise at every stage.

Always the latest technology backed by our own R&D

We have developed a cutting-edge technology to recover up to 95% of the critical metals in the battery's black mass.

Sustainable, low-CO2 recycling solution

Our low-CO2 recycling processes turn lithium, cobalt, manganese, and nickel back into raw materials for new batteries.

Safe solutions for transport and storage

Lithium-ion batteries that have reached the end of their life are classified as hazardous waste.

Customer-optimised logistics services in Europe

With a wide network of logistics partners, we can provide reliable and optimised logistics services for our customers.

Recall campaigns

We have the expertise and experience to help customers with challenging electric vehicle battery recall campaigns.

End of life services for lithium-ion batteries

When a lithium-ion battery reaches the end of its life, it requires expert handling that meets legislative safety require­ments.

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